Personalised Colour changing Mug

//Personalised Colour changing Mug

Personalised Colour changing Mug


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98 in stock

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Personalised with your photo and message, an affordable personalised gift for any occasion.

Colour Change Mugs?have a unique thermo-sensitive (heat sensitive) colour coating that reacts under heat with the effect that it turns transparent. This enables any image (photograph or logo) that’s printed on the mug to be displayed in all its glory.

When the?Colour Change Mug?is cold, the thermo-sensitive coating retains its colour and this has the effect of hiding the image. Mugs with dark colour thermo-sensitive coatings hide the image better than light colour coatings. Light colour coatings can be useful for creating a unique colour change effect or if your logo is predominantly of the same colour as the coating. In this latter instance, the logo will be hidden better by the mug that has the same colour coating as your image. (Example – a red logo would be mostly hidden by the red colour change Mug.)

About Our Mugs
These mugs are coated in the RN sublimation coating from the US which means the mugs are fully dishwasher safe and microwave safe. When we say dishwasher safe we mean they can be washed in any dishwasher with any dishwasher tablet. We have tested these using the Finish PowerBall dishwasher tablet for months with no deterioration in quality. You can rely on these mugs and give a cast iron guarantee to your end customers. BMS Ltd are the only company in the UK to have these sublimation mugs coating in the genuine RN coating ensuring they are totally dishwasher safe.
Some companies sell “dishwasher safe” mugs which are okay so long as they are not washed above a certain temperature or so long as you don’t use a specific type of dishwasher tablet (such as the Powerball). Our mugs do not have such a restriction so you can assure your customers that the image will not fade.

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